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Linkage ahoy! :D

My french weblog :
- Patience et Longueur de Temps sont morts pendus

The experimental photolog where I post plastic lens pictures :
- poivrot point com, un photolog

My Flickr feed (usually more active than the Deviantart account) :

You might want to check out my new flickr account:

I'll submit some of the latest pictures to this deviantart account, but I'm not very much convinced by the new submission process: half a dozen screens to upload a pic is insane, INSANE. Clearly the categorisation system is showing its limits. Compare this with flickr's tagging system: one screen.
Oh well.

So I got a new camera, and this time I made a future-proof purchase in the form of a DSLR: an EOS 350D. This meant raw pasta has the main dish here for the past month, but all in all it's been very fun!

Watch this space for some new deviations in the coming days.
815 new messages, it's gonna take a shitload of clicking to clear them all.
So, I started weblogging again.
URL is
Tonight, two of my devs have been removed for being posted in the wrong category.
Here's why I'm fucking pissed about it.

They were pictures of my cats that really didn't fit the Photography>Pets category at the time they were submitted.
Back then there was a Pets category for shitty unimaginative pictures of your pets, and good pictures of pets that showed an ounce of thought would go to the Photography>Animals category.

And then the Photography>Animals category was renamed to Photography>Wildlife (heck I didn't notice), and suddenly the pictures didn't fit there anymore.
Now, if I am to take an "artistic" picture of my cat, I would have to submit it among the tons of crappy quick shots that constitute the Photography>Pets category.

Thank you DA, thank you... :|
Let's make something out of 2004. :)

Pace è salute!
Still about a dozen shots to submit (including a self-portrait), they will have to wait for the re-launch of my weblog/photolog.
In the meanwhile, you'll find me around DA's forums. :)
"I can't get no motivation,
I can't get no motivation.
'cause I try and I try and I try and I try!
I can't get no, I can't get no.

When I'm surfin' on my pc
And that man comments to tell me
How good my pics can be.
Well I can't be a pro 'cause I don't shoot
With the same camera as him!
I can't get no, oh no no no.
Hey hey hey, that's what I say."

( 'That man' is no-one in particular, I just needed a placeholder character for the lyrics. Of course I'm accepting all criticism and suggestion. ;)  )

Lately I'm demotivated by the apparent lack of progress on fixing deviantart's Browse feature.
It looks like it's been Oct 21th for a week, so no new deviation gets exposure unless it catches the eye of many visitors on the site's frontpage, or it gets seen by many devwatchers, or it gets seriously advertised around. I can't do any of that, as I lack all the pre-requisite (amazing skills, many devwatchers, great forum skills).
So yeah, I can't get no motivation. But hey hey hey, that's only what I say.

UPDATE: and here I just tried submitting a picture, and OF FUCKING COURSE it just had to go wrong and deviantart didn't generate any thumbnail for it. I guess I should just forget deviantart for another week or two.
I've finally resumed taking pictures.
I'm doing experimentations with some artificial black and white, you will see the results soon.
In the meanwhile, I'll submit some pictures shot in August, to bring some sun and warmth to you during this pale, cold October.
Site design is pretty much done, now on to the extensive scripting: I'm buying aspirin tomorrow.
No pics this past days, and I just found the reason why: there was a corrupt file on the camera's memory card, that prevented me from copying the pics on the harddrive.
At least from the pics I could take before the card was full, there are some deviations I'll submit soon. :)

I'm also busy with searching for a good, steady webdev job. I've had some short so-called contracts in the past months, but nothing reliable yet.

And then I'm busy with (re)designing my website.
My plans for it are too big for my time and motivation, not to mention that my somewhat techy weblog will make me spend much time catching on 6 months of new blog-technostuff like FOAF, monkey syndication, commenting while asleep, etc. Why I would need a FOAF file is beyond me, but I read that it may used for some upcoming blog-technostuff.
Oh, and depending on the URL you'll use to get to the website, it'll be in English or in French. This means I'll have to type every blog entry with its translation, unless it pertains to only one audience (for example, thoughts of the SuperBawl really won't interest fellow frenchies).

Snail mail will be sent/delivered again next Monday. About ****ing time. I hear others in the city already got their mail, but I still haven't seen mine (and I know I have a bunch of important mails to get).
Hey functionnary guys, thanks for ruining two months of my life! It was oh so cool not being able to order stuff and write to friends! Not.
Erm, yeah.
I just had to post a journal entry sometime, so I might aswell do it when something happens/changes.

Today was my birthday. I'm now 24 and I now have 2 hours worth of Django Reinhardt jazz in the playlist.

Snail mail hasn't been delivered in weeks, and still isn't delivered in Corsica. This is seriously pissing me off, our local postmen are the most zealous strikers. I may kidnap their syndicates' mail boxes once the strike is over. We'll see how [i]they[/i] do without important snail mail.